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Patient file management

Managing your finances

Results management

Management of group services

Management of your institutional contracts

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Comparison with the competition

Patient file management

Waiting list management

  • All relevant information regarding his/her request, urgency, availability;
  • Transfer information from the waiting list to the file with a single click

Appointment management

  • Integrated task list in addition to the wait list;
  • Dashboard containing a statistical summary of your use of BaseDPsy including a list of your appointments for the day, accounts payable and receivable;
  • Complete agenda, with color display of appointments  by day, by week, by month and by list;
  • Appointment coloring, color by category (status) editable appointments;
  • Interactive link between appointments and follow-up notes;
  • Possibility to print the calendar according to the chosen display (day, week, month, year, list, etc.);
  • Ability to define in advance the dates and times of sessions agreed upon with the client, and thus plan a schedule for you; example;
  • Tool for attesting client attendance;

Customer information management

Complete information on

  • The Client
  • His/her spouse
  • His/her ancestors
  • His/her children
  • His/her diagnoses (6 types of diagnosis available in drop-down menu)
  • His/her contacts
  • His/her medical references
  • His/her employer
  • His/her studies
  • Specialized space for the anamnesis including 5 editable templates;
  • Specialized space to insert a genogram;

Service demand management

  • Printable integrated registration form;
  • Storing your own registration forms in PDF format;
  • Sending the consent form by email
  • Entering and printing the client’s application, with an editable canvas and heading titles;
  • Entering and printing the therapeutic agreement (or intervention plan) with editable canvas;
  • Printable integrated disclosure authorization form;

Customer document management

  • Ability to insert all scanned (scanned) or electronic documents (Word, PDF, photo, video, etc.) into document holders and thus completely eliminate parallel paper file keeping;

Drafting of follow-up notes

  • The procedure for recording follow-up notes is consistent with professional college requirements
  • Automatic insertion of the professional’s identity, signature, and date and time of writing;
  • Function to choose which occupation title and license number will be printed, when working in multiple occupations.
  • Function to keep the follow up note in draft format (editable note) or “Completed Note” format (non-editable note);
  • Ability to add a follow-up note supplement to a completed note with automatic addition of date and signature as in the healthcare network;
  • Possibility to insert canevas or predefined texts (several editable canvas are available);
  • Possibility to print all notes;
  • Space available for personal, printable notes;
  • Space available for comments from a supervisor;
  • Ability to view a list of all sessions for a single client (Follow up history);
  • Tool for writing out-of-therapy communications with the client/family or other provider;
  • Specialized spaces for writing notes from family therapies or for art therapy;

Writing of reports

    • A specialized interface for report writing with editable canvas insertion;
    • Specific briefcases
    • Email reports

Management of specific files

  • Files from multiple members of the same family can be linked together;
  • Creating marital records;
  • Ability to display a list of folders by different categories;
  • Ability to color folders according to your own categories.
  • The ability to export an entire folder to PDF with a single click.

Managing your finances

Customer billing

  • Billing the customer or another debtor with a single click
  • Sending invoices or receipts via email
  • Table showing invoice history and summary of the account
  • Billing the customer or another debtor with a single click
  • Periodic or piecework billing
  • Tools to provide an annual customer receipt or statement
  • List of accounts receivable;
  • List of cash receipts for the day

Billing of external debtors (P.A.E.)

  • Ability to link customer billing to an external debtor as an EAP;
  • Specific information on each of the warrants issued by the debtors;
  • Monitoring the progress of mandates to avoid exceeding the number of interviews allowed or the amount allowed;
  • 13 invoice templates available for External Debtors including those required by organizations: IVAC, SAAQ, CNESST, SCT;
  • Document holders available for documents relating to these debtors;

Recording of expenses

    • A comprehensive system for recording expenses, including recurring expenses such as rent;
    • List of accounts payable
    • The ability to record down payments and partial payments
    • Document holder for invoices
    • Ability to register regular vendors
    • List of expenses with sorting by date and budget item


Production of annual balance sheet and financial reports

  • 18 predefined reports about your income;
  • The reports regarding your revenues allow you to analyze the evolution of your business in addition to producing the reports to provide to your accountant;
  • 7 predefined reports regarding your expenses;
  • 2 predefined reports regarding taxes paid and collected.


Results management

Evaluation of results

Some tools that allow an organization or professional

  • Obtain a statistical report on the main reasons for consulting or closing files;
  • Identify its target customer base;
  • Assess productivity by year, by department, by professional, by service category;
  • To compare results to targets based on certain criteria;
  • Compare annual earnings by certain criteria: employees, dating site, referrers, etc.
  • Comparison of annual expenditures by budget line items.

Search tools

  • To know the profile of the clientele served;
  • To search for meeting topics by keyword;
  • To search for the frequency of different themes or keywords.


Management of group services

Creation of specialized files for the group

Methodological management

Meeting management

    • Simplified participant registration


  • Participation statistics
  • Writing of meeting notes
  • Writing notes on participant behavior;
  • Conservation of materials distributed to participants;
  • History of the meetings


Management of your institutional contracts

This section allows you to manage services other than the individual clinic; for example, training services that you may provide in the form of teaching, lecturing, supervision; or subcontracting services, space rental, etc.

Customer information management

  • Description of the organization
  • Representative and management information
  • Specific briefcases

Communication management

    • Preserving communications with the organization and its representatives

Management of mandates

    • Description and retention of various mandates issued by the organization
    • Defining your action plan


  • Mandate-specific briefcases

Writing of activity notes

  • Editing notes with or without an activity outline;
  • Specific space for writing personal notes;
  • History of the meetings
  • Activity Planning
  • Activity-specific briefcases

Customize the use of the software

Register your profile

  • Professional title;
  • Contact information;
  • Digital signature;
  • Logo;
  • Sending label printing tools.

Your choice of invoice templates

  • Identity customization;
  • 6 types of invoices;
  • 3 receipt templates;

Report template selection

  • 3 report templates

Outline creation

Drop-down menus

    • All lists included in the drop-down menus can be modified, including pre-listed diagnostics.
    • Set default values to certain frequently used fields.


  • Set a default rate;
  • Choices of display
  • Choices regarding taxes

General options

  • Default opening page selection;
  • Options to hide unused sections (Group, Institution, Finance, Agenda);
  • Choice regarding date, duration and time of writing;

International options

  • Phone number formatting
  • Address formatting
  • Currency Symbol
  • Language (French, English, Spanish, Italian)

Additions on demand

Functions and data fields can be added to meet specific needs.  But BaseDPsy is so full featured that it is very rare that the particular needs of clinics are not already met by what exists.

Comparison with the competition

In recent years, competitors have been trying to outdo BaseDPsy…

Beware of those who invite you to settle for less

By inviting you to analyze your current needs…Because your needs can evolve with time.

If BaseDPsy can meet all your current and future needs…it is because, regularly for more than 20 years, it consults, receives and adds the features suggested by several hundred users

If the competitor is a web-based software, as it is mostly the case

    1. The web-based software is a single software, so it keeps the data of all the clients of the same service provider in one software; but with BaseDPsy there is a software for each client of the service provider. So you have your own software instead of sharing a software with many strangers. Hence, at the end of the contract, you get back a software and not a text file containing your jumbled data separated by commas from the web software.
    2. Security is also greater with us, because if a hacker were to get in, he would not have access to all of our clients as in the case of the web software, but he would have access to only one client among all of our clients.
    3. Unlike web software that offers the same mold to all its clients, we can modify your personal software even while you are working and adapt it to your particular needs without waiting.

  Most competitors offer you the three basic elements:

    1. Record keeping
    2. Billing
    3. Calendar

You might be tempted to say to yourself: that’s enough for me, but why limit your tools. You would be disappointed to have to change service providers later when you find that a tool you want to use is not available.   With BaseDPsy, you get many more tools that will allow you to manage all aspects of your clinic :  

    1. Complete financial management (Expenses, Revenues, Annual Balance Sheet, Taxation, Reports for the accountant, Annual receipt for your client, etc.)
    2. Management of the mandates of the external debtors, with invoices according to the models IVAC, CNESST, SAAQ, etc;
    3. Taking notes on communications with your client’s environment (parents, teachers, social worker, psychoeducator, etc.);
    4. Tools for the management of different categories of clients (adult, child, couple, family);
    5. Possibility of grouping files (family, conjugal);
    6. Availability of specialized tools for different forms of intervention (individual, group, supervision, community intervention, training, teaching, institutional intervention, etc);
    7. Complete management of client information including different diagnoses
    8. Shared access to your files and notes with a supervisor or administrative assistant;
    9. Waiting list management with different prioritization criteria;
    10. Analysis of referral sources (to increase your clientele);
    11. Analysis of your productivity and performance (more than 50 pre-programmed statistical reports).

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