Hosting your data

Definitely the problem-free solution

 Technical advantages

Greater accessibility

Greater security

Synchronization without risk

Data retrievable at the end of contract

Add information both from the office and from home without the need to carry a computer or peripherals

Add information both from a computer and from a tablet (iPad, Surface,etc.)

Hassle-free connecting from a computer running either Windows, MacOS or iOS (Apple)

Don’t worry about losing your data due to equipment failure, theft, accidents, etc.

Greater protection against hacking with the best antivirus available, and since access to your data is on our server, there are three levels of authentication (locks) to pass. By comparison with our competitors, there is only one lock.

Backups and archives are made using multiple techniques, allowing your data to be recovered.

We can even recover a file deleted by mistake.

Contrary to different cloud services (onedrive, icloud, dropbox, etc), there is no data copied between your computer and the hosting site, so there is no risk of data loss by default copying between the two

Our service “hosts” your software, so if one day you terminate our hosting service, your data file is returned to you and you can continue to use it on your computer with the same presentation and data layout (by opening it with FileMaker Pro).

Your data will therefore be accessible with the same presentation, structural and functional organization.

Whereas a web service as offered by competitors is a software that integrates the data of all customers of the website. So, if you terminate it, your data will be extracted from the whole and will be given to you either in a text file (separated by commas or tabs) or in an Excel file and it will be very difficult for you to use the content, because all the data organization will be lost

 Functional advantages

Analysis of your services

Upgrades and migration to newer versions included

Creating PDF documents

Send invoices and receipts by email

Send appointment reminders

Statistical tools and financial reports allow you to know :

  • The different sources of reference of your customers;
  • Which referral sources produce which level of income;


  • What are the most common reasons for cancellation of the application for service on the waiting list?
  • What are the most common reasons for file closure?
  • Which reasons for closing files are most used with which professional;


  • How many interviews or revenues per professional;
  • How many interviews or revenues per sector of activity;


  • What type of diagnoses are most common in your clinic?
  • What are the average characteristics of your customers?


  • Etc.

You won’t have to worry about getting the latest updates, we’ll do it for you, unless your software has been modified (customized) at your request.

Create PDF documents directly from recordkeeping software without the need to go through a third-party program.

Automatic emailing of invoices, receipts and other documents (without needing to print them as PDFs first).

Automatic sending of appointment reminders.

Compose your own reminder messages, choose the number of days before the appointment date to send the message, and which clients will receive the reminders or not.

 Team efficiency advantages

For teamwork

Respecting confidentiality standards


Respecting the particularities of each professional

Associate an assistant to manage files, appointments, and billing all without providing access to confidential notes.

Share files and notes between specific professionals.

Centralized management of the waiting list.

Table of schedules with team member availability.

Different types of access privileges allow for compliance with your organization’s standards and those of various professional associations.

For example, a secretary type access allows the person to create files and do accounting, but they will not be able to read the contents of your procedure summaries or the contents of your reports.

Supervisors have access to specific tools

You can provide access to your notes to your supervisors, indicate which of your supervisors is involved with the interview summary you wrote…etc.

This access greatly simplifies the act of supervision: you will no longer need to send a summary to him/her, you may even have simultaneous access to the summary and be able to discuss it. The supervisor can add their comments in a specialized section and note that they have read the summary.

A wide range of customization options are available for each user.

For example, if you are a team with multi-user access, each professional can create their own frameworks; the calendar shows only their appointments, etc.

 Technical support advantages

Rapid repair service

Changes while you work

Free basic training from the start

Free remote assistance

Addition of functions on request (customization)

Mistakenly deleted a note? We can get it back quickly

Whether it’s to correct an error on your part, to add a feature, or to recover a mistakenly deleted note, we can make the changes while you are using your BaseDPsy.

We will help you set up your access to the server and provide basic training at no cost on how to use BaseDPsy.

We will always be there to help you use a particular feature when the PDF instructions are not enough

Despite its large number of features, you may need features or content specific to your organization or work;

We can make modifications to BaseDPsy to further customize it to be close to your organizational or cultural characteristics.

Additions could be billable, however.



on your computer

Remote use


on our secure servers