Frequently asked questions

Does the record keeping meet the standards of the professional associations?

Programmed by a Filemaker developer who has practiced psychotherapy for over 20 years, it was ensured that the software complies with the requirements of the various professional orders (OPQ, OPSQ, OTSTCFQ, OPPQ, etc.)

I practice in Europe, will the software adapt to the European context?

An options section allows you to adjust the software to the characteristics of your country (Language, currency, phone, etc.) It has many customization tools, this software is versatile. It adapts to you in addition to protecting your data!

In local use, can I use the same license on several computers?

Yes, You can use the same BaseDPsy license on multiple devices without needing to pay again; however, if you want synchronization between multiple devices, this is only possible if you subscribe to our hosting service.

If my computer breaks, will I lose my data?

For local use:
BaseDPsy contains an automatic backup procedure that protects you against both software failure and computer failure. Every time you close BaseDPsy or on your command, the procedure starts. We also recommend that you copy the backup copies to a USB key or an external hard drive.

With hosting :
A backup of your data is made several times a day and you are thus protected against any loss of data

Can I send an invoice or receipt by email?

For local use:
You can export the receipt or invoice in PDF format and attach it to your email

With hosting :
You can send the receipt or invoice directly by email with a simple click.

Can I customize the invoice and receipt format?

BaseDPsy offers several invoice, receipt and report formats that you can customize the header or footer. You can include your logo and electronic signature

Is BaseDPsy used by other professions? By sexologists? By Social Workers? By psychoeducators? Etc.
Yes, BaseDPsy is used locally by a wide variety of professionals.
The graph below illustrates the distribution of professional categories of approximately 500 BaseDPsy users in Molo.
Because BaseDPsy is specialized software, almost all of its users are professionals from various academic disciplines practicing psychotherapy. Only a small number identified in the graph as “Other disciplines” are not psychotherapists. In the graph, the term “Psychotherapy (OPQ)” includes smaller numbers of disciplines such as “Medicine, Art Therapy, Criminology, etc.” and those who have given only the term “Psychotherapist” as a profession, whose members meet the standards of the O.P.Q. to have the title of psychotherapist.
These statistics do not include professionals who use the multi-user hosting format.
Among those who use the multi-user format of BaseDPsy, there are other professions and occupations that are not represented in this graph: Speech Language Pathologists, Special Education Technicians, Social Assistance Technicians, Administrative Officers, Secretaries, etc.

These statistics also depend on the fact that more psychologists practice psychotherapy than other professions.